Thursday, 16 March 2017

Best selling artist David Penfound

No doubt if you're familiar with the Big Face™ t-shirts that has dominated the internet for several years, you've seen the artwork of David Penfound.

UK artist David Penfound has collaborated with The Mountain® on some of the most iconic t-shirts they have produced.

Summoning the Storm was so popular it was even copied and stolen by a popular fashion designer (who will remain nameless) to sell on their own $1500 shirts.  Of course David's original is better and a lot cheaper!

From Big Face™ animals to fantasy and Native American designs, David has covered a whole plethora of subjects. His attention to detail give every piece a realistic and magical feel.

David doesn't just spin out art for the number of gift manufacturing companies that license his artwork.  He has worked doing digital art for tv and movies. Clearly talented we are just happy to carry some of his best selling designs on our t-shirts, hoodies and apparel.  Chances are if you have seen a unicorn, baby seal or alien you like it's one of David's.

Visit David Penfound's website to see all his artwork

Sealpup by David Penfound.
Red Mamba Snake by David Penfound.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

It's already February!

Wow, I know I'm bad about keeping up with blogs but boy I didn't realise the last time I posted was November! Where has the time gone? It's not just 2017, but it's February! The good news we've got a lot of great new t-shirt designs by The Mountain®.

Some of these great designs were available before Christmas and now we're seeing more of them finally coming into stock.

Long time artist with The Mountain® Carol Cavalaris has created some truly beautiful floral designs we think you'll love.  Below is Healing Rose.

Healing Rose T-shirt by Carol Cavalaris
Come visit us and check out the new designs for 2017!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Anne Stokes T-shirts

Winter Guardians T-shirt

Realm of Enchantment T-shirt

Anne Stokes fans will no doubt be celebrating the collaboration between Anne and The Mountain®.  19 of her fantasy designs have been brought to t-shirt print by the number one t-shirt manufacturer in the USA.

Wolves, owls, dragons and fairies are just a taste of what is to come. The detailed artwork will have you dreaming of enchanting realms far far away.

We have added the t-shirts to our website to showcase the new 2017 designs coming out shortly. These will be made available soon to pre-order until all the new stock arrives by shipping containers from the US.

Pre-Orders will be ordered will be ordered weekly (Tuesday) in small batches by air freight so customers won't have to wait more than a couple of weeks for a shirt to arrive.

Once shipping containers arrive with the new stock t-shirts will be available for next day delivery.

Life Blood T-shirt
We'll be giving a special discount code to customers ordering these new t-shirts by Anne Stokes so sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook to get the code once these shirts are available to order!

Friday, 7 October 2016

It's that time of year again! The Mountain® start to discontinue their t-shirt and apparel line to make room for the 2017 collection in January.  That means over 100 designs will be retired and gone for good. So if you have been meaning to get yourself a certain design and kept putting it off you better make sure it's not on the endangered list! 

We're sure the new 2017 collection will be amazing but we can't help be a little sad to say goodbye to some favourites like David Penfound's Butterflies and Chihuahua Handbag.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Autumn is in the air!

Wow, where did the summer go?  The nights are starting to draw in and soon the leaves will be changing on the trees. Nearly time to put away your summer wardrobe and get ready for cooler weather. If you need something new check out our autumn and winter apparel where you'll find long sleeved t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts.

Don't worry if you're a t-shirt fan because adding a long sleeve shirt or casual jacket means you can wear them all seasons. We even have a large selection of horror designs perfect for this time of year and the quickly approaching Halloween season!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Introducing Lazy One®

Lazy One® is a brand from Utah, USA. They specialise in lounge and sleepwear for the whole family. These funny, animal themed designs come in pyjamas, nightshirts, slippers, socks, boxer shorts and even giftware. 

Tam's Treasures is proud and happy to bring you this new line of apparel and giftware from a company that takes pride in it's products as well as wanting to be a "green" company.

This is from their own website: 

About Us

All right folks, here’s the scoop on Lazy One. The following is the truth, the whole truth and nuttin’ butt the truth: Lazy One is nestled within the Rocky Mountains of Northern Utah and began with a man, his wife, and their dream to provide the world with what was sorely needed--comical boxer shorts. Armed with the original philosophy that “humor is funny,” they began “moosing around” with ideas, ultimately producing not only “cheeky” boxers, but also pj tees, sleepwear and more, all featuring original--and strangely endearing--designs of wacky wildlife.
As business boomed, it soon became apparent that two people and a 600-square foot storage shed were no longer sufficient, and the company exploded into a spacious warehouse and a team of talented employees. Joining forces with resorts and other recreational hot spots, Lazy One products quickly became popular (and functional!) souvenirs for tourists, clients and other “wild things.” As a result, the Lazy One product line continues to expand, meeting the needs of consumers who appreciate both the fashion and the funny. As a herd of nature lovers, Lazy One continually strives to “go green” as they move toward becoming a plastic-free company. Hangers made from recycled paper and an emphasis on recycling are all top priorities of Lazy One. In a nutshell, Lazy One is all about keeping folks feeling warm and fuzzy, from super comfy PJ’s to cozy slipper socks-- all served with a hearty dose of hilarity.
At Lazy One, we believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of laughter. And since the mind craves humor like the body craves comfort, we take great pride in combining both comedy and coziness in every product! So go ahead—sleep, sprawl, and snicker with Lazy One.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

For the Birds!

Bird Tree T-shirt
I love this time of year. Not just because daylight is longer but I love the mornings. I love laying in bed listening to birds happily tweeting their morning songs.

Birds are a beautiful reminder that warmer, sunnier weather is just around the corner. After a long cold and wet winter there's nothing nicer than waking up to sunshine and beautiful tweeting!

The Mountain® have created some lovely bird t-shirts featuring the artwork of today's most popular wildlife artists.  The vivid colours and realistic images are a perfect combination with the top quality t-shirts by The Mountain®

With warm weather and Father's Day just around the corner why not pick yourself up a bird t-shirt today?